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Curtains Services

At teddington tailors we believe a smart set of curtains really enhances a living or working space, bringing it to life, and they are also practical as well as promoting health. We have all the materials and skills necessary to realise your curtain alteration, repair, or amending ambitions.

Get your curtains cleaned by us

Give your home or office a fresh, clean and healthy feel, with our curtain cleaning service. We will bring your curtains back to life and able to perform their function properly again. Clean curtains give a much better impression for anyone passing by, visiting you or working in your office !
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Curtain ammendments

Sometimes you may want your curtains resized in order to fit a new window, for example when you move home. We will perform the alteration for you accurately. Or may want to either reline an old or damaged lining, or to fit an entirely new lining to a curtain without one. We will make the ideal lining for your curtain.

Get the curtains you desire

You may have a material that you want made into a set of curtains. Leave this exacting, demanding and time consuming process to us. We will make curtains that you will be proud of.
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photo of many different types of curtain material

Curtain repairs

At Teddington Tailors and Dry Cleaners we realise that over the course of the year curtains endure alot of wear and tear. We have the skills at hand to cope with your curtains that need maintenance. We can also collect and deliver large loads of curtains promptly to order.

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