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    Tailoring & Stitching

    for that special outfit

    for your home furnishings

    for the young and old

    Our Tailoring Service is designed to create that bespoke item for you

    Here at Teddington Tailors we can also make original items from new if you bring in your own designs. Our tailoring staff will create a garment that is custom-made for the wearer. Be that a custom made shirt, suit, dress or skirt. It will look perfect on you. Our team of professional tailors are here provide you with the best clothing tailoring and stitching services available. Which means we can make stylish brand new items for you to wear.
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    Wedding Dresses
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    Working on Suits
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    Working on Design
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    Tools of the trade
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    Teddington Tailors have a variety of designs and patterns available for you to choose from. If want something you have seen copied or even something more original in mind. Maybe you have seen something in a magazine that you want to base the design on. Or even if you have your own idea. Bring in a picture or a drawing and some dimensions and our tailors will create it for you

    Household Items

    In order to make your house more comfortable you will have a variety of soft furnishing items such as cushions , throws, bedsheets and spreads, duvet covers, or curtains. These items make a house a home.
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    Tailoring and Stitching

    At Teddington Tailors we can make all of these items for you, from your own chooen material, and design. From napkins to table covers or a new set of curtains our team of professional tailors and seamstresses will take your designs and make them a reality.

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